Wednesday, January 30, 2008

around the world, day #34

day #34 Athens, Greece port #8


SCS said...

A Grécia e o seu charme.
De resto, de um romantismo inconfundível!

Hei-de lá ir.

Bem Haja,
Vira Vento.

JB said...

I have a blog with nice pictures from all over the world that people take when they are on holiday or just when they want to share the beauty of the place they are kiving in. I saw some nice pictures on your blog, would you be ok to send me a few so I could add them?
My email is and the blog adress is, don't hesitate to come and have a look!!

Nick said...

Wonderful olives! (Not so sure about all the stonework - it doesn't taste as good as olives.)

Sherry Stewart said...

Love the archways, Caught my eye! Nice blog. I added you!

Bill said...

Where have you gone Pennyblack?

Anonymous said...

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