Thursday, November 01, 2007

around the world, days #18 - #21

day #21 onboard, Will’s, Jon’s, and Kevin’s cabin

little party.

day #20 onboard, theater

Jon, Chihiro, and i did a series of events together called Peace Boat Math. we would talk to the captain, bar tenders, cruise director, etc. and get information and statistics about the boat and passengers and so on and then make math problems (that’s what is up on the screen in the background). here we are trying not to melt as we wait for everyone to finish working on the problem. if you think this is strange i think you are right, i totally agree with you (it was all Jon’s idea) but it was fun.

day #20 onboard, sports bar

one of the oldest passengers. maybe 84 years old.

day #19 onboard, sports bar

two of our beloved interpreters.

day #18 onboard, theater

some of the English teachers did a workshop on travel safety. here we have the second appearance of our very own Peace Boat superhero. you may remember her from day #5 when she was saving the day as Captain Communication. here she is giving a helping hand as Captain Common Sense. she is also one of my roommates.

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Anonymous said...

I just put up a picture of Yamagata in 1954 I think and the hotels we stayed in.