Saturday, October 20, 2007

around the world, days #12 - #16

day #16 con’t onboard, free space

books for the school in India. in Japan people donate English books, then they are brought onboard and passengers can pay 10 dollars or 1,000 yen to write a message in one of the books and then it goes on to the school.

day #16 onboard, 7th floor

i’m sitting at a table on the 7th floor talking with one of my students, who is an amazing poet, painter and singer when “the doll lady” comes up to discuss something with her. she carries the doll with her everywhere she goes as she has for the past thirteen years.

day #15 onboard, Broadway

Okinawan drumming dance done here for Okinawa Memorial Day. on March 24th 1945 there was a an air raid by American troops. over 200,000 people including Okinawan civilians and both Japanese and American soldiers died until Japan ended resistance on June 23rd.

day #14 onboard

Yaqoub’s boarding card. needed for getting on and off the boat, and for purchasing drinks at the bars.

day #13 onboard, Broadway

John Devaraj and Mioi Nakayama are from Born Free Art School in India which is a special school exclusively for street children, working children, and freed bonded labor children. they are doing a dance performance where John is sneaking up on Mioi, a jaguar, to shoot an arrow at her.

day #12 onboard, Sunshine bar

Rocio, Spanish teacher, from Switzerland and Spain.


Anonymous said...

The pictures are all nice but I liked the one of the doll lady the most. I suppose it is because of what she has done for a long time.

albi said...

wow, it's so intriguing to look at your trip, such an experience must have been, what is like beeing back to Yamagata?