Friday, October 12, 2007

around the world, days #1 - #5

day #5 onboard, Broadway

our job would, at times, be better described as entertainer than teacher. here we are doing a skit in front of about 300 people to encourage them to attend the free classes that we offer.

day #4 onboard, Broadway

fanning, reading, writing, listening, and sleeping, at one of many orientations. (Broadway is the largest theater on the boat)

day #3 onboard, muster station D (Broadway)

recalling scenes from the movie Titanic during an evacuation drill.

day #2 Kobe, Japan

and the rest got on here.

day #1 Yokohama, Japan

lots of good-byes. most of the passengers got on the boat here.

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Bill said...

What an amazing trip this must be!