Thursday, January 25, 2007

this sucks!!

i miss doing my blog!!
still shopping for a camera. any suggestions?
i'll be getting some actual film developed and put on disk soon. then i'll have some stuff to post.


albi said...

canon EOS 350D (don't know the 400D)!cio

Bill said...

My Canon SD900 is a good carry around camera as well. Now make a choice and get behind the lens again :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Yamagata City, Japan. I was there in 1954 when it was very small and not much going on. I was taking pictures then too. Some of them are on my website. I am an old man, 72, and live in Ohio. I still take lots of pictures and have samples posted on my website at -- then click on photography and then choose a category. I hope you don't mind. I am trying to find people who like photography and I think I have found a whole list of them here. Wow. I am excited.

albi said...

hei, when are you coming back?

Anonymous said...

my Pentax Optio A 10 got broken , when I carried it ten minutes in my bag -3 degrees Celsius. they are saying, that it is a moisture damage,
if a camera is at first in a cold and then in a warm place and a guarantee does not pay it.
It`s a funny thing in this , that they bring to Finland cameras, which we can use outside safety only 5 months a year :) And I was stupid enough and bought one. . .
I hope, your camera will be fixed soon!
Now I have used Canon EOS 350 D
even in -30 degreesC and it survived!!

Nick said...

It's a while since I've been here (sorry about that) and now I find you're only half there. A shame. I look forwardto seeing your stuff again soon.